15th April 1944

No rain this morning, but very foggy.  ‘Planes began going out soon after 8.  Called at home, and was delighted to find that Father never heard the sirens yesterday, only the all-clear, so he never got up.

Willows at Bourne Mill all bursting out green. Rain began again this afternoon.

Saw Hervey Benham, and talked about ‘Essex Review’.  Don't think that anything will come of it, but it’s a delightful idea.  While I was talking to him, at the Culver St. Gate, the Mayor came by, with the Borough Engineer, the Borough Treasurer, the Town Clerk, the Chief Constable, and several gentlemen looking like Civil Servants, and I understand that a tall rather florid looking man walking with the Mayor was Col. Llewellin, the Minister for Food, who has been all over the town today inspecting the British Restaurants and the emergency feeding arrangements.  They all went into the new Public Library to see the Food Control Office people, and then went to lunch at the Town Hall.  Don't know what is behind this, whether it is merely a routine visit of the Minister’s or whether there is something special behind it.

Back to Boxted early tonight, glad of the pouring rain, which ought to guarantee a quiet night.

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