7th February 1944

Did more journal extracts last night, and finally got to bed at 3 a.m. this morning.  Slept fitfully until 7, then up and made breakfast.  Much warmer, and low wet looking clouds blowing before a S.W. wind.

Got a tow on a lorry, and arrived at 9.10, only 40 minutes for the whole journey.  Busy with Committee stuff all morning.  To Birch this afternoon.  Several men recommended for increases, including Stuart Rose, who was awarded 10/- a week for the excellent work he has put in as foreman of the orchards.  Moorhouse spoke very highly of him, and nobody mentioned that he was a pacifist.  Another man was Jones, the Welsh pacifist, whose application was met by a torrent of abuse – “Conchie!”  “Don't give him nothing!” and “He’s a dirty Welshman.”  I felt furious, and was almost inclined to get up and rush out of the room.  Such petty spite, such viciousness.  They refused to recommend his increase, but are prepared to consider it again, when they may perhaps be in a better mood.

It was a long meeting, and I did not get away until after 6.  Went back to the office, and typed out a memo to the Executive Officer personally, notifying him of my medical examination on Thursday.  Then had to go back to the Head Post Office to post it, and having no battery had to walk all the way.  The moon was shining brightly and the streets were light as day.  At St. Botolph’s corner saw that all the window lights had been left on at Ald. Blomfield’s, the ironmonger, looking weird and bizarre.  Several people were taking advantage of the fact to look in the windows at the goods displayed, as they would any evening in peace time.  Hope the Alderman does not get into trouble.

Came out by Boxted, as being a more lonely road when one has no lamps.  Called at Lt. Rivers.  Dennis Carter came in.  Much talk about horses, War Agricultural Committee labour, and the Boxted Invasion Committee.  

Left at 11.30, and so to Higham by way of the waterworks, as I have no lamp, and am unlikely to be stopped on such a lonely road.  Bed straight away, as the electricity had failed, and there was no fire.


Anonymous said...


The increase the committee awarded was £18.76 in current value.
Interestingly, Rudsdale clearly sees this as generous but does not mention how much the man is currently earning - given by now he feels he is writing a historical record this seem odd.

Mike Dennis

Anonymous said...

Hello Mike and Catherine

Really appreciate Mike's contributions to this blog.
Just wondering if Mike can also let us know how much the £8-19-0 that Eric was going to lash out on a new Raleigh bike (26th January) would equate to today. I'm guessing that it will appear quite expensive!

Best wishes to you both,
Chris (France)