4th February 1944

Woke at 5 to hear heavy gunfire, and many planes passing over very low.  Thick clouds again.  Looked out, and saw a big fire towards the W. and some wavering searchlights.  The crash of the guns shook the cottage windows.  Got on with the journal extracts until all-clear came just after 6.  Did not feel very nervous this time.  Got breakfast and listened to the German radio.

Wind not quite so high this morning, and got to the office early.  Several pairs of horses ploughing on Higham Hall land, and two more pairs carting muck onto the field at the corner of the lane to Stratford.  Wonderful weather for ploughing.

Have not been to bed since Sunday, yet do not feel tired or stiff.  Still no beacon.

Fine day, but very cold wind.  Clouds came over tonight.

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