11th February 1944

Sunny morning.  Cold.  Ice on the roads.  Two big petrol lorries were unable to get up Gun Hill, and horses in Colchester had ice nails in.  There were four pairs of horses working on Turner’s land this morning, ploughing, harrowing and carting muck.

Cold and showery all day, very few bombers out.  

Heavy cloud tonight, and showers of rain.  When I got to Higham the beacon was on, so I suppose it is working again on every third night, which is its usual sequence.  About a quarter to 8 the radio faded, and soon heard gunfire, and ‘planes.  Two searchlights wavered to the north.  Felt very uncomfortable as the light was flashing, but it did not seem to be as bright as usual.

All-clear came about 9, and the weather is now much worse, so we can hope for a quiet night.  Still sleeping downstairs in the armchair, and find 4 hours like this is enough for me, and so far have felt no ill effects.  What a dreadful waste of time is sleeping.

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