6th February 1944

Sat up reading and writing very late, and at last went to bed about 5 this morning.  Wakened by an ‘all-clear’ at 7, but slept again until nearly 11.  Washed, had a meal, and went down to Dedham to meet Diana.  Fog coming up, the sun glowing through it.  Took Mrs. Sisson some milk.

Just as Diana arrived, the church bells began to peal, and a great flock of rooks flew out from the belfry.  Took her to see Southfields, and then walked across the meadows to Flatford.  Saw the Mill and cottage.  She had never been there before, and was charmed.  Back to Dedham for tea at the café.  Noticed several local girls and youths in there – quite a new habit for village people.  Can it be the influence of so many continental people about now?

After tea walked slowly to Stratford to catch the 6.30 bus, but it was nearly an hour late.  Sat on a log by the road side, in the cold, arms round each other, watching American lorries going by.  Thick clouds and some mist tonight.

Still no beacon.  Glad that the moon is quite obscured, as it is nearly full.

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