EJ Rudsdale on Twitter from 3 September 2019

28th February 1944

Brilliant day, but bitterly cold.  Got to Colchester by 9.15, not feeling very grand.  Saw a team of Suffolks ploughing opposite Higham Hall, coming down the long slope with the brown furrow stretching out behind them, sea-gulls wheeling and shrieking. 

Felt bad all day, and could hardly eat.  Took Father six eggs which I got at Lawford yesterday.

Tonight went back to Higham, and did a lot of packing up, then to Dedham, under the cold glittering stars, and found the “Sun” warm and comfortable.  Was given a tiny, cosy little room overlooking the yard, with a good bed.

Amusing mistake about the Colchester raid last week – a lady solemnly read the list of Freemen of the Colne Fishery, on the front of the Town Hall, under the impression that they were persons killed in the raid.

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