12th February 1944

Up early, fine bright morning, not so cold, but rain showers marching across the valley.  Usual busy Saturday.  Went on the market this afternoon and saw Basil Bowyer, of Dukes Farm, Layer Marney, who is church warden, and talked to him about the state of the church.  He told me they were asking for £200 to carry out immediate repairs and had received £25 from the Pilgrim Trust.  Gave him 10/-.  Benton [of the Essex Archaeological Society] has been over there and given a lot of “advice” but nothing tangible.  Bowyer spoke disparagingly of the Vicar, Austin Lee.

Had tea with Diana, but could not stay long as she had to be back at the theatre.  She told me this week’s show, “Heartbreak House”, by Shaw, had been very well received, as had the Ibsen play last week.

Back to Higham at 6.30.  Clouds coming up, but the radio faded about 8, and there was gunfire in the east.  Did not feel quite so nervous as last night, as there was no beacon.  We have missed the bad weather this winter, so far, but even on cloudy or misty nights they come.  I am afraid we cannot hope to have any more fogs.

Have now finished extracts from my journals for 1938, 1939, and 1940, relating to Colchester during the war.  Hervey Benham is very anxious to publish at once, but I think it very unwise, and that they should be kept for some years yet.  The full journals, of course, cannot be published within 50 years of my death.  

Hervey Benham's book 'Essex at War' published in 1945, contains the extracts that Rudsdale gave him from his journals.  CP

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Anonymous said...


The church needed £7,503.72 for its repairs, the donation from Pilgrim Trust would be £937.97 and Rudsdale contributed £18.76.

From his earlier entry his new bike would be £335.79 and he hoped to get £150.07 for his old one - clearly high specification models, a Raleigh now would be £600-£700!

Mike Dennis