25th September 1943

Up in good time.  Cloudy but clearing.  Cold.  Got to Colchester before 9.  Begin to feel anxious of cloudy days – just a year since the attacks last autumn.  Noticed activity at Langham – sentries, armed with automatic rifles, barricades along entrances to ‘drome.  Several big army convoys went along towards London.  At Colchester I was surprised to see an American Sentry, also armed with automatic rifle, standing with the PC on point duty at the top of the town.

Most of the Langham planes seem to have gone.  Jacquie Conran says Flying Fortresses are coming, Poulter says Spitfires.  He says runways are weak, and will not support bombers.  Anyway, something seems to be moving.

Percival, Warren and Macaulay [of the War Agricultural Committee] came in to interview prospective foremen, but none of the applicants turned up.  Percival is off to Dublin soon.  Envy!  Yet he is not at all anxious to go.  

Home to lunch.  Got double rations this week, owing to my being away, so have plenty of everything.  Went up town, to sale rooms, looking for bookcases.  Met Diana Davies, [Stage Manager for Colchester Repertory Theatre] who took me round to Balkerne Gardens to tea.  Lovely vivacious girl, Yvonne, [an actress in the Rep.] and her boy, a Czech were there, and a silly little man called Reg Browne, who seemed very friendly with Diana.  Apparently thinks himself the hell of an actor.  Speaks with a curious foreign accent, apparently due to adenoids.  His mother kept the Jack Straw Castle, Hampstead Heath, and he used to serve behind the bar there.  A lovely tea, very theatrical.  

Got to Higham at 7.30.  Lovely night.  Dull.  Very few planes.  Jacquie Conran makes me nervous with her carelessness of blackout.  Shall be glad when I am alone.  With radio on it is quite impossible to hear sirens.  No duty this week, as I intend to get another medical certificate from Dr Rowland.  Wrote to Firewatch Officer to tell him so.

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