3rd September 1943

Up early.  Rushing about everywhere in a state of acute anxiety.  Sent in a report that the shop in Maldon Road is quite unsuitable, but the District Officer thinks that the Ministry of Works will insist that we take it.  Don't see how they can.

Still can't be certain whether I shall go to Wales or Scotland on Monday, but think almost certainly it will be Scotland.

Uncle Frank Webb [Rudsdale's Mother's brother] is here, staying last night and tonight at the “Cups”.  Called to see Mother, who was glad to see him.  She has always liked him.  I saw him for a few minutes this evening, and found him quite unchanged.  Both he and old Aunt have been at Purley all through the air raids, but have so far escaped.  Tremendous damage in Croydon, he says.

Went down to see Hampshire about looking after Robin while I am away, and then to Lawford by 8 o’clock.  Heavy clouds coming up, and looks like a lot of rain.  Cold wind.

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