2nd September 1943

Up 7.30, to the sound of ‘planes warming up at Langham, showing how the wind lay.  Had a good night.

On the lawn at Holly Trees saw Poulter testing stirrup-pumps from the Castle – they had not been touched since they were installed 18 months ago.  He told me that somebody had broken into the loft over the Prehistoric Galleries and had opened all the chests and boxes, strewing African idols, axes, swords, etc all over the place.  Hull, on being told, refused to take the slightest interest.  Nobody can tell if anything has been stolen or not.

Busy day trying to get a lot of things cleared up before I go next week.  Always hate going away from any job, never seems worth the trouble.

Much talk lately about getting a new office, as there is no hope of extending in the Holly Trees.  Ministry of Works ‘phoned through from Cambridge this morning to tell us we can have the derelict shop at the corner of Maldon Road and Alexandra Rd. - used to belong to a greengrocer, and has recently been an NFS station.  Quite useless to us.

Left office at 5, and went home for 2 hours.  Mother very anxious to know where I am going, so told her Wales, but shall probably go to Inverness.

Lawford 8.30.  Had a lovely supper.  How kind they are.

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