EJ Rudsdale on Twitter from 3 September 2019

28th September 1943

Heavy rain all night.  It is a year today since the bombing of Essex Street [in Colchester] on just such a day as this.  Went in soaking wet, drenched.  But the old adage “Rain before 7, fine before 11” held good, and the sun came out in the middle of the morning.  People ringing up all day about the Women's Land Army girls walking off.  Col. Blewitt phoned to say a whole gang had left his land without a word.

Went home after tea.  There was an alarm at midnight until 1am.  I heard planes flying low in clouds, but thought they were RAF.  Bombs fell near Harwich and Dovercourt, and damaged several houses, I believe.  The old people of course, got up.  Am wondering whether I can get them out to Higham.

Got back at 7.30 tonight.  Sky clear, and stars out, but no planes.

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