EJ Rudsdale on Twitter from 3 September 2019

23rd September 1943

Up at 7.30.  Lovely sunny morning, though cold.  Very busy.  Americans going out again, all morning.  Cycled out tonight by Ardleigh and Dedham.  Called at Springgate and saw Molly Blomfield but as usual she was “much too busy” to talk about our photographic work for the National Buildings Record.  Poor old Bob looks very thin, but he seems happy with young Rachel.  He must get more to eat before the winter.

Called at Sissons’, and gave them a brief account of my journeys.  A lot of ‘planes began to go out at dusk, in three lines, with their navigation lights glittering.  In Dedham Street children laughed and shouted, taking no heed whatever to the evil machines high above their heads, carrying loads of death to children in other lands.

Left at 8.30, just in time to hear the Raydon siren wailing.  Several ‘planes came in from the sea, high under the stars, but no bombs fell and there was no firing.

Got to Higham at 9.  Jacquie's mother came today, a very affable, talkative old lady, who chattered on until nearly one in the morning.  Another alarm at 11.30, but again nothing happened.  Had a letter today from Manning, complaining about my absence from firewatching while I was in Wales.  Apparently there is no system of relief in firewatching.  Hull has put him up to this, and I shall put the whole facts before the Town Clerk.  

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