9th January 1943

Another lovely day.  A lot more cropping forms arrived, and the girls were hard at it all morning.  This afternoon trying to get hay, but none to be found.  

This evening I was looking in my “Journal” for 1927, and I noticed that on April 3 I made a long cycle ride into Suffolk, by way of Dedham and Lawford.  A very inaccurate map shows that I went by Jupes Hill, and I can distinctly remember the feeling of surprise I had when I saw Sherbourne Mill, which I had so often noticed when going past by train.  I never thought that 16 years later I should be living there.

Although during the same journey I went to Wenham, I never saw Lt. Wenham Hall, for some reason or another, and I have never seen it to this day.  Some years ago I was invited there by Mrs. Crisp, but I never managed to go.

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