3rd January 1943

Bright and sunny, but bitterly cold.  Fed some of the animals this morning, and went up to the buildings to see Robin, but otherwise did not go out.  Spent the day writing and arranging photographs.  Left at half past 6 tonight and went on duty.  Cycled by Dedham, and called at Sisson's for an hour.  Sisson has just missed the chance of buying two fine cottages in Stratford St. Mary, not far from the church.  He was very keen to be able to put them in order, but some other buyer has stepped in.  A very great pity, as he would have made a good job of them.

Cycled in under the glittering stars, watching the occasional fall of meteors.  No planes about at all.  Fed Bob, called at home, and then up to the Castle through black streets full of shouting, singing, soldiers.  Went into Holly Trees Muniment Room, and settled down to read through some more of Laver’s papers.  

Became so immersed in the books and papers that it was 3 o’clock on Monday morning before I went over to the Castle, and got 4½ hours sleep.

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