27th January 1943

Lovely morning.  Went in by bus, very crowded and most uncomfortable.  A lot of work because Mortimer, of Abbots Hall, is going to arbitration on the valuation of his land.  This man has been an obstructionist from the very beginning of the war, and did all he could to prevent the Committee from cultivating the 500 acres of this farm.  Now we shall have endless trouble to prove our case.

Clouded over for a while this afternoon, but not for long.  A man called Ward, a thatcher, has been dismissed at Mersea, and came in this afternoon making a great disturbance.  Threatened to beat us up, smash the office, etc.

This morning I went down to Boasts’ on East Hill to see Mrs. Nichols of Lawford Hall drive her phaeton away.  It looked very fine indeed, all yellow and blue, and she drove away down the hill at a spanking trot.  Half a dozen old stagers stood by Motum’s harness shop to see her go. 
Wrote out the précis of short story tonight, “There was Slight Activity over East Anglia …”, founded on the bombing of Essex Street.

An alarm at a quarter to 9, and all-clear about 10 minutes past.  Several planes about, but impossible to say if they were German, as they continued in the area after all-clear had sounded. 

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