24th January 1943

Sharp white frost in the night.  Fog, and the sun shining orange through it.  Very cold.  Writing letters most of the morning.  The ATS sergeant who rides Robin came to lunch.  She said that she was at Scarborough when the war began, and rushed off next day to join the ATS, as she felt it was her duty.  She had been in Switzerland for two years.

After lunch went up to the buildings with her, and saddled Robin, who looked wonderfully fit and well.  He bucked and played up in the most extraordinary way when she mounted, but she stuck him very well indeed. 

Put down clean straw in his stable, and then went back to the house to do some more writing.  I had intended to go into Colchester early, but finally was tempted to stay for tea.  At last got away at 7 o’clock, after having trouble with a flat back tyre.  Night very dark, with stars faintly shining.

Down to Bourne Mill and fed Bob, then home for half an hour, up to the post-office and into Holly Trees at 9 o’clock. 

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