EJ Rudsdale on Twitter from 3 September 2019

26th January 1943

Lovely fine morning, the moon brilliant at 7 o’clock.  Went in by bus.  Busy all morning, but very little done, people in and out all the time.  Much to do about the senseless cropping forms, which gave me a headache.  Slipped out this afternoon and went home to tea, then back to Holly Trees and found the Sissons there.  I was thus able to get a car ride to Dedham, and then, by good luck, met Joy and Parry there, with their car, and so rode all the way to Lawford.  This is the first evening I have seen a sign of spring – light until well after 6.  It was so nice out I walked up to the buildings to see my little Robin.  I shall be able to drive him again soon. 

During high-tea we could hear planes about, apparently going out.  Joy said “We seem to be going off somewhere,” and Parry replied “Yes, trying to get another reprisal raid I suppose.”  But when I looked out I saw the starlit sky full of searchlights, and several planes flying with their landing lights on, so it was only an exercise after all, and I was very glad.

Writing for the rest of the evening.

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