EJ Rudsdale on Twitter from 3 September 2019

2nd April 1941

Weather a little better, though still cold. Heavy explosions about midday. This afternoon a man came in from St. Osyth and told us they were caused by some cows belonging to Foulds, which were grazing at St. Osyth Marshes, getting out into a field of land mines, carefully prepared for invading Germans. Five cows were killed, the front legs of one being blown right across Clacton Golf Links. A dog was sent through the barbed wire, and succeeded in getting the rest of the cows off without further harm either to themselves or to him. Foulds had previously lost one cow when it was struck by an AA shell fired from Weeley Heath. I do not know whether, in a case of this sort, a farmer can obtain immediate compensation from the army, or whether he will have to wait until after the war.

Went to the pictures early this evening, and then down to Rose’s but found her in a very bad temper.

EJR's relationship with Rose had been deteriorating for some time and they finally parted in April 1941. EJR's account of the end of their relationship appears in his book. CP

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