19th April 1941

Poulter was so upset at Hull’s news last night that he went to the Borough Treasurer this morning and asked him what really had happened last night. As I surmised, the situation, though alarming, is not as alarming as Hull made it sound. The meeting was one of the frequent ones now held by the Special Emergency Committee to discuss plans and details of evacuation should this be insisted upon by the army or the Civil Commission. Hull was certainly not instructed to close the museum, although he was asked what (if anything) had been done already. There was no mention whatever of [evacuating] the Court Rolls or other muniments. Poulter came back much refreshed and resumed his former attitude of complacency. Hull, on the other hand, still talks of burying the collection and bricking up the Castle and Holly Trees Muniment Rooms, none of which he has the slightest right to do without the consent and knowledge of the [Museum] Committee.

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