EJ Rudsdale on Twitter from 3 September 2019

18th April 1941 - Fears of Invasion

Decided to go to the Regal [Cinema] tonight, and see “The Thief of Baghdad”, made all in colour. Although the story was not so good as the film I saw when a child, I was enthralled by the gorgeous colours.

Hull came into Holly Trees after nine, and told Poulter a great story of woe. It appears that there was an emergency meeting of the Mayor and Chief Officers this evening, from 5.30 to 9 o’clock, and from this Hull gathered that an invasion is imminent. Poulter believes him too, and when we went upstairs to have a cup of tea in his flat, all he would talk of was what was to become of Edith, (the housekeeper), and should he send a bag of clothes up to Scarborough, ready for a hurried departure? I told him that in my opinion Hull must have grossly exaggerated, as there is not the slightest sign of military preparedness in the town or district – no posts are manned, no bridges guarded, nor any evidence of activity in the barracks, other than the ordinary army affairs. Hull of course has again announced his intention of packing up the whole of the museum’s collections, and burying the pottery in the vaults. I told Poulter that this must be stopped at all costs, and that I was prepared to take any necessary action to get it stopped. I think my old people had better go. The atmosphere seems nervous and worrying.

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