24th April 1941

Still very cold. Let Bob and Donkey out into the paddock today, to eat off the fresh spring grass, but only for an hour or two in order to accustom them to it.

Saw [Councillor] Smallwood this evening and had a long talk. He told me what I already knew regarding the Chairman’s determination to have no scandal, and reaffirmed his determination to get the Museum “cleaned up”. He asked me to do all I could to keep the place together, and I said I would do my best.

We spoke of evacuation. He himself does not believe it will ever come, as he does not consider the Germans will make an attempt. If they do land, however, he is convinced that nothing will ever stop them, an opinion held by the majority in their inmost thoughts.

When I got up to Holly Trees tonight the front gate lock was jammed so that it was impossible to get in. Had to go all round by Roman Road. Then rang Poulter at the Liberal Club to tell him.

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