EJ Rudsdale on Twitter from 3 September 2019

1st April 1941

Heavy rain nearly all day. Field and front paddock at Bourne Mill a marshy swamp, Bob and the donkey paddling about up to their eyes in mud. Fodder terribly hard to get – hay £9 a ton, oats and bran rationed to 1 cwt per month (half each), chaff 4/6 a bag. Been very lucky to get straw last October at 1/1 a truss. Now 1/6 in town.

Met Harvey, Town Clerk’s department, in the street today. He told me there were strong rumours about the alteration of the reserved age for Local Government staffs of up to 35, but that it would not take place until August. This is indeed good news.

Heard today that Hull, cycling home last night, ran into the back of a company of marching soldiers, half way down East Hill. This, like the fire-engine episode [see 17th March 1941], happened just after the pubs closing time.

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