EJ Rudsdale on Twitter from 3 September 2019

15th April 1941

Museum Committee today. Councillor Smallwood began his attack on Hull, gently but firmly [following the theft of coins from the Museum in March 1941]. The Chairman [Sir W. Gurney Benham] is anxious that there should be no open scandal, as it would reflect on him. Anyway, a Sub-Committee has been appointed to enquire into the whole organisation of the Museum, consisting of the Chairman, Benton, Blomfield, and Smallwood.

Took Bob and donkey to be shod today. Coming back across the Abbey Field, I accidentally let them go, but by great good fortune managed to seize Bob’s trailing rope after only 10 minutes careful stalking. The donkey was more elusive, and we finished the journey with her running before and behind like a sportive puppy.

Went to the pictures for an hour or two early this evening. Drunken Canadian soldiers outside the “Fleece” just after 10, shouting and swearing in the middle of the road.

Fine warm day, very sunny. Our men are hard at work drilling and cultivating.

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