EJ Rudsdale on Twitter from 3 September 2019

28th April 1941

That glorious feeling of freedom which I always have when my parents are away! How wrong of me! Rang up the Health Office this morning, and arranged that Mrs. Ward can have two extra gallons of petrol on the next job she does. Rang Mrs. Ward and told her so.

Fortnightly meeting at Birch. Very long and very dull. I was asked to go out after tea for half an hour when staff wages were discussed. I understand there is a suggestion of increased pay for myself and Nott. I don’t want anymore.

Today a letter came from [the archaeologist, Christopher] Hawkes. His letter deals largely with the “coin moulds” found at Sheepen Farm. It seems to be pretty firmly established now that these pitted clay slabs are coin moulds, for he gives several references to examples elsewhere. I believe I am right in claiming to be the first person to suggest the real purpose of these moulds, from a reference in the “Illustrated London News” where an exactly similar thing is illustrated from India. I told Hull, at the time, but no mention of this appears in the report.

Rain tonight. Turned in early, still feeling very miserable after yesterday’s ride. I wish I did not go in cars. Every time I feel like this, yet every time a chance comes I hope I shall be alright.

The coin moulds referred to here had been discovered during archaeological excavations at Sheepen Farm, Colchester in the 1930s. The moulds were used by the ancient Britons to produce coins.

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