EJ Rudsdale on Twitter from 3 September 2019

30th September 1940

Lay later than I ought this morning, and only just got away before the men came to open. I wrote to Richards [at Cheltenham] explaining why I could not come, but I am now very worried to know what to do next.

Paid in September [Museum] money today, very poor indeed. Two alarms today, one at 5.20pm and the next at 7.45. On that occasion a young girl came in whose mother was hurt by one of the bombs which fell on August 31st. She is still in hospital near St. Albans. The girl was about 16, and was very nervous. After the bombing, she had been sent to relatives at Bury, but no sooner had she arrived then bombs fell quite close. There is no longer any safety, even in the smallest and most remote country town.

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