EJ Rudsdale on Twitter from 3 September 2019

1st September 1940

This morning Maitland [Eric's cousin] and I walked down by the River [at Maidenhead], watching boats go through Bouter’s Lock, and after lunch went over to say goodbye to Margery [Eric's cousin] at Shurlock Row.

Margery’s cousins from Chelmsford were there, and it was an impressive fact that [there was] not a single person present but what had been too near to a bomb for comfort. Even Shurlock Row has continual planes over every night looking for Waltham Aerodrome. So far as I know they have only hit it once. Chelmsford has had two or three people killed, and several bombs right in the town.

We all sat in the garden for half an hour in the sunshine, and I ate plums fallen on the grass, as I used to do as a child. Then we all left, and back to Maidenhead to tea and then down to the station.

The train [from London] stopped at every station [the journey was diverted to avoid an unexploded bomb on the railway line at Brentwood], and we did not reach Colchester until 9.30pm.

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