EJ Rudsdale on Twitter from 3 September 2019

21st September 1940

Big crowds in the town today. No horses at the Michaelmas sale, although it was advertised. I went to the Repertory players this afternoon, the first time I have done so since they returned to the town. It was very good. This evening there was an alarm at 8pm. Among other people a very nice little girl came in, very pretty, nicely dressed in a great coat, rather long, nice flat modern shoes, and thick wavy brown hair. She came from Hornchurch, and had had to leave because of damage to her house. She said a great deal of damage had been done there, as the houses were so close to the aerodrome. She and her mother had been in a shelter in the garden when their house was struck. In spite of such a terrible experience, she said she had no hatred of the German airmen, and no desire that German homes should be bombed by our men.

At about quarter to 10 there was an immense flash towards the north, beyond the station, and a dull explosion. Within a few minutes we could see the red flickering of a fire, while the searchlights followed a 'plane away towards the coast. Probably some farm got hit, and haystacks were burning. I hope it was not stables.

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