EJ Rudsdale on Twitter from 3 September 2019

24th September 1940

Went over to Horkesley again today with Duncan Clark [the Diocesan architect], and spent the whole day there. Located the Marney brass, not too broken, and saved loose parts of it. One fragment shows a most interesting palimpsest, at least it looks interesting to me, although I know nothing about brasses.

The whole of the Swynborne tomb is now uncovered, and Duncan Clark has arranged to have men over there tomorrow to move the whole lot into the stables. (The stables at Lt. Horksley Hall are a charming Regency block, much nicer than the house, which although in the same style is somewhat foreboding). We could hear sirens blowing all round during the morning, at Nayland, Sudbury and Colchester. Lots of planes came over, and I could hear bombs falling away to the N.W.. Another alarm tonight just before midnight, although planes had been passing over the town since about 8 o’clock.

Beautiful fine day. The ruins at Horkesley are now getting nicely dry.

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