26th September 1940

The Bishop of Colchester (Archdeacon), Canon Steele of Marks Tey, Revd Benton, and Duncan Clark met at Holly Trees this morning to discuss the Horkesley brasses and figures. The Bishop decided, very reluctantly, that we could deal with the brasses and effigies, strongly emphasising that they were church property and could on no account be alienated, to which I quite agree, and never intended otherwise. He shook hands with me, and seemed faintly surprised at hearing my name. His is Ridsdale, but I refrained from hailing him as “uncle”.

Went to Sir Gurney and told him what had been done, and gave him a few notes for the paper this week, although of course under the censorship regulations he is not allowed to say which church has been demolished. He mentioned the fact that the paper will contain the report of a wedding which took place there on the Saturday afternoon, only a few hours before the explosion.

There was an alarm at 2.30am today, for an hour, but I was really too tired to get up. It’s not often I miss one.

I feel worried about the Cheltenham business. Travelling is so difficult, and I am getting into one of my “don't-want-to-go” moods. I shall take a bicycle to get across London.

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