EJ Rudsdale on Twitter from 3 September 2019

14th September 1940

Big crowds in the town all day, although you could see people were depressed when they heard from shopkeepers about the evacuation. (By the way, we must not talk of “evacuation”, that word can be applied to Harwich, Clacton, Southend, etc, but in the case of Colchester it is a “temporary transfer of population”). Two alarms this afternoon, one at 4.15 and the other at 6. All Clear by 7.15.

We have been much worried lately by a strange “messenger”, who arrives on a bicycle and claims to be attached to the ARP Control. He is a most offensive youth, and goes to sleep on my blankets without so much as “by your leave”. I have been so annoyed with him I got Warden Lissimore to come along this evening to identify him, and it has now been made quite clear to him that he had better go to the Control and stay there. Same wind tonight, and much invasion talk. There does not seem to be a “flap” on in the barracks though. Troops were allowed out more than usual tonight.

Went to Rose for supper.

Spent the afternoon clearing out the ditches at Bourne Mill, and carted some hay.

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