EJ Rudsdale on Twitter from 3 September 2019

12th September 1940

Cool, fine morning. Feel I cannot settle down. ... Another notice was published today, warning inhabitants that in the event of an invasion this town was liable to be heavily bombed.

Went round to Brook’s [a farrier in Colchester]. Plowright, the coalman was there, anxious about his horse [asking], "Was it likely that horses would have to be killed?"

London raids last night but don't seem to have been so bad. Very few killed. Last Monday night 400 were killed, almost all in a school which was hit. Fancy packing 1600 people into a 3-storey brick-built school. We had the usual alarm tonight. At long [last] I settled a light which we could see in George Street, and had seen nightly for weeks past. It was in a woman’s bathroom. I was glad of my horse rugs tonight [at the Castle]. V. cold.

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