8th September 1944

Fine, cool, and then began to get warmer.  Harvest may be saved yet.  The press today now tells us definitely that the danger from ‘divers’ ought to end within a fortnight.  Find it very hard to believe.  Allied advance is being slowed down, but quite a lot of people think the war will end in October or November.  How curious if it should end while I am on holiday.  News now reported of enormous danger done to Staple Inn, Holborn, a terrible disaster.  Sisson used to have rooms there before the war.

This evening went to see “Gone With The Wind”.  A really magnificent show.  Did not get out until nearly 10.  The American Civil War fascinates me.  As a general rule, people do not realise that it was one of the most terrible wars in history.

Bed at 11, hoping for a quiet night.

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