16th September 1944

Alarm at quarter to 6, as daylight broke.  Got up, went out to look round.  Three “divers” came over, but passed on.  Yet for days now the papers have been saying diver attacks are at an end.  All the launching sites are now supposed to be over-run – where can these come from?  They usually enter about N.E. by E. and head towards London.  Some still think they come from submarines.

‘All-clear’ at 6.30, had a cup of tea as Miss Bentley was now down.  Breakfast, and went in early.  Very busy morning.  This afternoon to Holly Trees and had a long talk with Poulter about my going back to the Museum.  He is very anxious that I should.  This evening went up to St. Clare Road and talked to Ald. Sam Blomfield.  He too wants me back, and says he will bring up the matter at the Committee next Tuesday, the proper course being that the Committee shall apply to the War Agricultural Committee for my release.  Feel sure that this can be arranged, without too great difficulty, but of course the Ministry of Labour must also agree.  Must go to see Spivy [at the Ministry of Labour] on Monday.  Have always helped him whenever I could, and hope he will help me.  Sam Blomfield was most kind, pressed me to stay to supper, which I did, and showed me some of his photo albums.  He has a remarkable selection of photos of about 1900, many of St Botolph’s Street and Corner, Osborne St. etc.  Sam’s intimate knowledge of these parts of the town is most valuable.

Left at 9, and went back to Boxted by way of Westhouse Farm.  The sun was setting, glittered red on the placid river.  Dark shapes of horses and cattle grazing in the meadows.  Felt too excited, worried, and nervous to sleep.  Dozed on the sofa until roused by sirens.  Went out into the fields, but nothing happened.  About 4.30am went to bed.

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