22nd September 1944

Glass falling, cloudy day, some wind.  Daphne still in Manchester, Walling furious, swearing he had no idea she was going.  She ‘phoned to Captain Folkard, but Walling puts it about that she was “plotting” to go behind his back.  He was most objectionable.  What an ill-mannered bore he is.  How I loathe these office rows.

Fine afternoon.  Decided to go to Dedham this evening, got over at 7, just as the Sissons got back from Cambridge.  Was asked to supper, and felt uncomfortable, as I always do, knowing that they have no servant, and often little food.  Try as much as I can to take them some tinned stuff.

About 8.30, heard sirens.  Said brightly – “I’ll go outside and see what’s happening.”  Went out into heavy rain, pitch black.  Boys and men singing and shouting as they came away from the “Sun”, lights of torches flashing in the slanting rain.  Heard a “diver” coming up from the East.  Walked down Mill Lane, rain running down my neck.  Nothing happened, and the thing passed out of earshot.  Walked almost to Stratford, as the church there struck 9.  Three more “divers” came over, and there were some explosions far off.  A moment later “All-Clear” came, and I went back. Told the Sissons some of my plans.  Have decided to leave on the Edinburgh night train on Sunday, 5.25.  Only about 40 hours to go.  Mrs Sisson said very kindly that I certainly ought to get away.

Left at 11, and went home slowly, but nothing else happened.  Have a feeling of the most intense anxiety.  Bed at midnight.  Wish I knew whether “diver” was “on” or “off”.

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