1st September 1944

Thunderbolts roaring past the bedroom window, sun glistening on their wings.  Miss Bentley said at breakfast there had been an alarm at 2am, which I missed.  There was another alarm at 1pm, as I came out of the office, so went to a milk bar instead of to lunch.

Later called at home, and throwing open the front door, surprised dear old Father with his arm round Miss Payne.  Dear old chap – nearly 72!  Saw Jane Ralling across the road, and then went to cinema to see “Breed”, pandering to my weakness for cowboy films.  Then went up to Sussex Road Women's Land Army Hostel with some money for absent girls.  Saw Emmison the farrier in Lexden Road.  He seems very happy.  Boxted at 9.30pm.  Felt much indecision as to whether to go out again or not.  Finally got to bed at 12.30.

News on the radio very good today.  No mention of flying bombs at all.

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