EJ Rudsdale on Twitter from 3 September 2019

6th September 1944

Sirens at 4am in bright moonlight.  Can this really be the end of the war?  All the papers tell us that it is.  If so, Colchester has had a wonderful escape.

Busy all day, endless memos.  The whole office ought to go out into the harvest fields.  Told Capt. Folkard, but he only laughed.

Post again at 9pm.  Not many ‘planes.  Page was on with me, earnestly expecting a ‘diver’ all night, but nothing came.  Cloudy, and the moon rising behind.  At 1am felt restless, and cycled to Wormingford and back, then bed at 3.  The clouded moon made a strange half-light, like a dream.  But then the whole existence we lead now is indeed like a dream.

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