EJ Rudsdale on Twitter from 3 September 2019

3rd September 1944

Fine morning, dull afternoon, then a S.W. gale with heavy rain.  Watched from my bedroom window a magpie and some wood-pigeons in the wood. 

This afternoon to Dedham.  Admired Clover’s immense Essex pigs, in the paddocks near the Mill.  Had tea at the café.  Walked round the Mill pool and above the lock.  Wreck of an old barge there, surely old enough to have existed in Constable’s time.

No sign of the Sissons anywhere, so went slowly along Pond Lane, saw several partridges scurrying across the road, and three swans flying W. at a great height.  Ate a lot of blackberries. 

Cycled slowly over towards Horkesley, called at Lt Rivers, but Dodo very sickly again.  Went on to Post at 9 – still short-handed, so we all have to do an extra duty.  Would cry-off if I dared.  Carter was on with me, so we had a pleasant hour or two talking farming, ghosts, witches, etc.  Wet, windy night, moon racing among clouds.  Not a ‘plane over.

New had to relieve us but was very late, so I stayed on as Carter had to be at work at 7 and I don't.  Finally got away at 1.30, bed soon after 2, too tired to undress.

As I was listening to radio music this morning, thought how it is just 5 years, at this very hour, and on a Sunday too, that I heard Chamberlain’s voice on a radio from a house in Mill Road, Mile End, and a man’s voice called out “It’s come, mate!”

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