4th November 1943

Had a good night, slept well.  Up at 7, foggy cold morning.  Streets full of Paxmans men and girls going to work.  Home to breakfast.  Mother had a good night, slept quietly.  Nurse Horwood with her all night.  She seemed very clear this morning, and talked to me.  Miss Bevan came in to do out the house, and Ella came in.  Washed and shaved.  It seemed strange to be using the old bathroom again. 

Snowball, who lives at Ipswich, was very nonchalant about last night's affair.  Said there was great damage, a good many houses damaged.  Snowball had 5 windows blown in, and thinks Bartholomew’s Church was badly damaged.  Another bomb fell in the road at the junction of Nacton Rd and Gainsborough Rd.

This afternoon went over to Higham.  The tree had been cut up and the electric light was on again.  Made myself tea, and sat listening to radio.  Unfortunately dozed off, and missed Tommy Handley which I always enjoy.  There was a Welsh programme on, and I cried openly when I heard the dear Welsh voices.  Cymn fach, o Cymn fach.

About 9 the Germans came over again, but only for about half an hour.  The clouds were very low, obscuring the moon.  After the all-clear, some RAF planes came about to give the searchlights practice, as many as a dozen lights coming on at once, casting an unearthly glow, like giant candles, reflecting from the clouds.  It was so quiet I could hear the words of command being shouted in the valley of Blackbrook.

Home 10.30, praying for a quiet night.  Phoned Dr Rowland who said glumly that he thought Mother was not holding her own.  

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