12th November 1943

Had a good night, no dreams.  Wakened by Stuart Rose at 7.30, wet, windy morning.  Got in by 9.  Busy on agenda etc, and designing poster for ploughing match.  Went out 11.30 to see Father.  This afternoon had tea with Daphne and then went to hospital – Mother very bad.  The old woman in the next bed still murmured to herself.  Told Matron that if she died in night, not to send a message.  Let Father have one more peaceful night.   A nurse told me that last night she suddenly spoke quite clearly, and said “Has Gordon come yet?”  I have never heard of anyone of that name.  What distant ghost is this that she meets in the shades?

Went to Winnock Lodge – told Father there was no change, and told the Rallings the truth.  No sign that Ella had made any arrangements to take him.  Stanley has doubtless prevented her.  The old saying – “You can choose your friends, but not your relations”.  

Went up to office, and phoned Uncle Frank Webb (Rudsdale's mother's brother).  Got through in less than a minute.  A woman’s voice, Scotch accent, answered – my Aunt Lydia, whom I have not seen for 14 or 15 years.  Frank came on the line, and I told him little hope, and asked him to let Aunt Het know.  Phoned Dr Rowland, but he was not very perturbed, and said he would visit tomorrow.  Felt just a little relieved. 

Back to Winnock Lodge for an hour, and then went to Higham.   Huge full moon, and some clouds floating across.  Few planes about, but the lighthouse at Higham not working. Strange.


Jane said...

Do we find out who 'Gordon' is?!

E J Rudsdale said...

Hi Jane, Thanks for your comment. No sadly 'Gordon' remains a mystery - perhaps someone Mrs Rudsdale knew when she was young? Best wishes, CP