30th November 1943

Very bad night.  Throat felt almost closed up, and began to wonder if I had got diphtheria.  Had about 4 hours sleep, and did not wake until 8.  Got in very late.  Planes began to go out towards the coast at dawn, and kept on for about an hour.  High wind, and scudding clouds with blue sky between.  When I got to the office heard that a Flying Fortress had blown up in the air and crashed somewhere towards Fordham.  Captain Folkard had seen 5 men floating away on parachutes, at a great height, and thought that they would probably come down in the sea.

Called to see Mary Ralling at the Essex County Standard office.  She told me that Ella was very annoyed at not seeing me today, and that unless I meet her at the house, she will come to the office.  Asked Mary outright – how long could Father stay?  She said no limit at all.  She and her sister have done more for the old man than I would have believed possible.  Tomorrow I am to see a prospective housekeeper.  I hope to be able to get him to Margery’s for a month, if she will have him.

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