24th November 1943

When I opened the door at 7.30, I found it was a lovely clear morning, with a thin crescent moon hanging just above the leafless trees, and a bright star nearby.  Got in early, as the Chairman was in to interview a farmer.  Then Engledow, the Labour Officer from Writtle came, a most unpleasant fellow, and was with Folkard all morning.  He is trying to get rid of Spencer, on purely personal grounds.  Actually Spencer is extremely hard-working and conscientious.

Another terrible raid on Berlin last night, absolutely pointless, and of no military value whatever.  

Heard that Stuart Rose was ill so decided to call at Boxted, but found it was only a slight cold.  He was recently hit on the head by a chain snapped when tree pulling, and I feared it might have been concussion.  Dodo was watching the baby roll before the fire.  Soon left, and called at Stratford, where Ida gave me a little fish for the cat.  Bright clear evening, brilliant stars, many searchlights playing all over the sky.  No sign of enemy raiders.  When will they come?

10 o’clock – wind getting up, and booming down the chimney.  German stations on the air strong tonight, so no raid on Germany.

Great excitement about Mosley being released.  Thousands of workers howling for his blood.  Seems likely there will be serious trouble in Parliament.

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