2nd November 1943

Up at 6.30, pitch dark, clouds and fog.  Surprised to hear on the news that there has been an attack last night at dusk – at the very time when I was in Holly Trees, thinking myself quite safe on account of rain and falling darkness. 

Very low clouds, drifting across from the SE, but they cleared, and the sun came through at times.  Great excitement, as were moving the office today to 96 Military Road.  The house is on the corner of New Town Road, a pleasant place about 40 years old, facing Camp Villas.  I am sharing an office with Capt. Folkard in front.  From the back window you can see the roof of 66 Winnock Road (Rudsdale's parents' house).

This evening the sky cleared, and the crescent moon showed and I was most anxious to get away as soon as I could in case of attack.  When I reached Higham just after 7 the radio was dead, but came on strong before 8.  As I walked up the hill I thought I heard a very distant siren and a bump, perhaps Ipswich.


Robin King said...

Curious to read that they were moving their office so near to where I was living then as a little boy (on the corner of New Town Road and Gladstone Road).

Jane said...

The building is still there today as a residential house. I walk past it most days, it's quite a substantial building.