29th November 1943

Throat a little queer and painful to swallow.  Heard on 8 o'clock news that there has been a hit and run raid – harmless – on the SE Coast yesterday, under the usual cloud cover.  Looks as if that sort of thing will be starting again.

Called at Rallings soon after 9.  Took Father some apples.  He seemed very well.  Busy all morning on Committee work, and barely had time for lunch.  Usual Committee meeting.  Gardener-Church was not there.  There seems to have been some sort of row, I think between him and the Chairman.  Nothing very much done.  Lot of talk about the setting up of a dairy herd, but nothing can be done as we cannot get any buildings repaired.

Saw Joanna and her husband.  Joanna looked wonderfully well.  They are going to Ulster for a holiday.  I wonder how they managed to get permits?

Finished early, and got back to Colchester at 5.  Saw Poulter.  Hull is again ill in bed.  Called at Dedham on the way out, feeling very bad.  Bright starlight night, and a thin crescent moon on its back, and a lot of planes and searchlights at exercise.  Collected two book boxes from the Sissons and finally reached Higham at 11.30.  Very cold.  Had bread and milk.  Throat very painful.

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