9th October 1942

Fine early, but rain later, so I did not go to Boast’s to fetch my trap, as the varnish is scarcely dry.  The trap was being varnished in preparation for Rudsdale to drive to Joanna Round's wedding which was held at Birch Hall on 10th October 1942.  An account of the day of the wedding is available in E.J. Rudsdale's book.

Long statements in the “Standard” tonight about the air-raids, especially with reference to the treatment of the dead.  In the Council Minutes for last Wednesday’s meeting there was a lengthy report from the Mortuary Officer regarding the people killed at Severalls in August, and long discussions about the urgent necessity of having a large communal grave ready for the next lot.  The ARP people delight in these morbid details.

If an equal amount of care and worry was given to the protection of the living, the rescuing of furniture and the repairing of houses, it might be better for all of us.

The Civil Defence Committee Minutes now take up more space than any other Committee of the Corporation.

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