1st October 1942

Awakened at 5.30 by heavy rain.  Up at 6.45, to find dull lowering clouds, and at once felt anxious and afraid [owing to the recent air raids on Colchester on cloudy days].  The rain ceased.  Cycled to Ardleigh, and just caught the train.  All the way anxiously scanned the sky for a break in the weather, and was glad to see a little blue sky showing in the west.  Had breakfast, and was just going to the lavatory when the sirens sounded.  A plane came over from the east at once, well above the clouds.  I went into the St Mary’s Churchyard, and saw the Gas Company men preparing to go into their shelter should anything happen, but nothing did.  Went back, had another cup of tea, and cycled down to the office by the back streets, feeling very much on edge all the time.  There seemed to be several people in all the shelters, and wardens were on duty.  All clear came 10 minutes after I reached the office.

Then the clouds all blew away, and there was a lovely clear sky.  How glad I was to see it.

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