EJ Rudsdale on Twitter from 3 September 2019

31st October 1942

Busy all day, and had to do duty tonight, which I have not done for one reason or another since October 3.

To the Castle at 7, and began my supper early.  At 5 past 8 the sirens blew.  

Went on the roof.  No planes to be heard but screams and shouts of soldiers in the streets, and the everlasting grind of lorries coming up East Hill.  Near at hand I could hear the voices of wardens in the Park.  A train was shunting at North Station.

Another train came in down the Ipswich line, and I thought how it must have come by Sherbourne Mill less than 10 minutes ago.  The stars came out.  Ghosts and witches stirred as they should on All Hallows Eve.  Perhaps what we fear from the tangible terrors of bombs are the same as the intangible ones of bewitching and other black magic, which must have been very real in olden times.

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