25th October 1942

Beautiful morning.  Heard an alarm about 9.30, and a plane came over, very high.  I suppose an observer to see what damage has been done last week.  A Spitfire came circling round, and then the all-clear sounded in 10 minutes.  Had to go up to Humberlands to chase the bullocks out of the garden, Mrs. Parrington having gone to church.  
This afternoon Penelope and Joy went riding in Lawford Park, Penelope on the big old horse from the hall.  I cycled up with them.  Roger looked splendid, going across the Park in a flat gallop, Joy very tall and slim, riding him beautifully.  Back to the Mill and did some writing.  Did no Castle duty this week, as a temporary man is there, relieving Simons.

Very cloudy tonight.

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