EJ Rudsdale on Twitter from 3 September 2019

26th April 1942: The Baedeker Raids

Great success this afternoon. Put Robin into shafts, in a four wheel van. Mr. Clark helped me. He went well, with hardly any hesitation. After taking him round the streets for 10 minutes I got up and drove him. There was a dreadful east wind all day, but I much enjoyed this triumph.

Called at Seymour’s this evening, and heard for the first time that there had been an air-raid at Bath last night, as a reprisal for the destruction of the ancient mediaeval cities of Rostock and L├╝beck. There do not seem to be any details of damage.

The raid on Bath formed part of a series of 'Baedeker raids' by the Luftwaffe, which targeted historic British towns and cities. E.J. Rudsdale gives more details on these raids in his book.

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