19th April 1942

Went over to Fingringhoe this morning, leading the little grey pony on my cycle. Young Lennox was most pleased, and I have no doubt his brother will buy her. I shall ask £12. I might try for £14, but she is so small.

After leaving Fingringhoe Hall, went up to Eilean Grubb’s, where she is in just as big a mess as ever, and ate my lunch there, which I had brought with me. Then went on to the ferry, crossed over to Wivenhoe (I do not think I have used this ferry for 20 years) and went to see the church. The brasses are all covered by mats and cannot be seen. Cycled on to Elmstead, and so by Bromley to Lawford and so to the Parringtons.

Left there at 9.30 and cycled home, feeling very tired. It was a most enjoyable trip, but I fear was really more than I ought to have done.

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Anonymous said...

Wow. I have never seen a little grey pony on a cycle. Terrific stuff.