21st April 1942

Telephone from the station this afternoon to say Robin had arrived. Great excitement. Went down to the station with Joanna at 6.30, and there he was – a lovely russet red, with a white blaze and one white foreleg, rather thin and ragged, no shoes on, in a tremendous way to get out of the box where he had been shut up in the dark since early morning.

We took it in turns to ride him home by way of the Park Folley and Land Lane, Childwell Alley and Brook Street, as he is rather nervous about heavy traffic. I believe he will do very well if I can only get him in harness. Hampshire gave his approval, and reckoned he was worth £40 if a penny. How this sort of thing cheers me.


Anonymous said...


It was worth £1317.67 today, cheap compared to the cost of vans etc now!

Mike Dennis

Barbara Critchley said...

Interesting to read about EJR riding along the park folly and Land Lane and that traffic was bad enough in Brook Street in 1942 to make the horse nervous.

Anonymous said...

So the traffic was heavy in Brook Street even at this date - no change there!